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Door-to-door container transport

Container traffic today is the most widespread and economically feasible way of long-distance cargo transportation. The advantages of container traffic are the high degree of cargo safety and security and the high speed of cargo processing and delivery. Door-to-door container transport is based on the complete logistical chain relying on various types of transportation, one contract and one through rate. For instance, cargo from countries of Southern Asia is delivered to Russia partly by sea by large maritime vessels and partly by land by motor vehicles.
SK-Continent OÜ works with with the world’s leading container lines and most reliable road transport companies to offer the following range of logistical services:

  • Placement of transportation order via maritime line
  • Delivery of an empty container to a shipper for loading
  • Transfer of loaded container to port
  • Loading of container on vessel
  • Monitoring and notifying a customer of sea transportation stages with customer notifications
  • Unloading of container in destination port
  • Stevedoring operations in destination port
  • Removal of a container from port, monitoring and notifying a customer of road transportation stages with customer notifications
  • Crossing Russian Federation or Belarus border
  • Delivery of a container to recipient’s customs terminal
  • Delivery of a container to a consignee's warehouse/door
  • Return of a container pursuant to owner’s instructions

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